Blue Print for Success

XL Properties & Custom Development, LLC. purchases and renovates single family homes throughout the Jacksonville area. We revitalize these properties to promote stable and sustainable growth for ourselves, and for our investors. We also maintain a portfolio of rental properties for future sales during market recovery.

The three main criteria for property selection are:

1. Economic feasibility

Each property must provide multiple exit strategies.

a. sell at a profit (which is our primary goal and fits 98% of our projects.)

b. lease option to a qualified buyer

c. rent with a positive cash flow

We concentrate on areas with after repair values that average from $150,000 to more than $500,000 this ensures a wide market interest. Properties targeted are distressed and undervalued.

2. Location

We invest in stable neighborhoods where we would live with our families.

3. The characteristics of the home itself

We look for properties with interesting intrinsic features, i.e. homes with character, ones that are appealing to buyers and renters.


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